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AAO Ophthalmic Education The AAO Ophthalmic Education App offers free, easy access to clinical content from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), your source for the most trusted and reliable information on eye disorders and eye care. Download Link :     Axis Toric Calculator Omni Toric calculator is meant to serve as an […]

C3 Field Analyzer

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Abstracts from 2020 | British Journal of Ophthalmology

National Eye Survey of Trinidad and Tobago (Nestt): Prevalence, Causes and Risk Factors for Presenting Vision Impairment in Adults Over 40 Years Aim: To estimate the prevalence, causes and risk factors for presenting distance and near vision impairment (VI) in Trinidad and Tobago. Methods: This is a national, population-based survey using multistage, cluster random sampling in 120 […]