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Injectsense, a company focused on sensor enabled di gital health, announced it has received a Breakthrough Device Program (BDP) designation from the U.S. Food
Alan S. Crandall, MD, a pioneer in the field of glaucoma, inventor of surgical techniques, and leader of several humanitarian efforts, left for heavenly
“Summer of 2020”- it was when the whole world went into lockdown (COVID 19) and we got a glimpse into a different dimension of
Stocks are high for Same-day bilateral cataract surgery during this COVID- 19 pandemic. The benefits for immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery (ISBCS) for patients
Eye Symptoms In Chinese Children Hospitalized With Covid-19 A new study finds that nearly a quarter of Chinese Children Hospitalized With COVID-19 developed ocular
Eyemate : Study Highlights Importance Of Continual IOP Monitoring For Glaucoma Currently glaucoma patients are getting (2-6) visits per year in a doctor’s office.