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As Covid 19 is becoming a part of our lives, surgeons have started resuming work amid the chaos. The question still stands, what guidelines
Dynamic stimulation of the visual cortex can allow blind people to recognize various letter shapes.Dr. Daniel Yoshor from Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston,
Multiple trials arer going on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for the treatment of COVID-19. HCQs are comparatively safer drug while used for rheumatoid arthritis and their
“Trends were already shifting out of the hospital OR over to ambulatory surgery centers and will more than likely be accelerated because of this
There is no standardized guidelines internationally in the usage of PPE among Ophthalmologist. How exactly it is spreading is still not known completely. The
Conventional phacoemulcification remains standard method of cataract surgery, but fLACS allows more accuracy, precision and reproducibility. New York (Reuters Health) – provided outcome of