Intravitreal injections of aflibercept can reduce the severity of nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy, according to PANORAMA trials.

The trial involved one eye in each of 402 participants with severe NPDR, randomized with one control group receiving sham injections or one of two aflibercept groups (the first group- aflibercept 2q16 receiving aflibercept 2 mg every 16 weeks after three initial monthly doses and one at eight week interval, the second group- aflibercept 2q8/PRN receiving aflibercept 2 mg every 8 weeks after five initial monthly doses, with PRN dosing beginning at week 56).

At 52 weeks, 65% in group 1 and 80% in group 2 of aflibercept showed a two-step or greater improvement in DRSS, compared to 15% in controls (P<0.001). At week 100, significantly fewer eyes with aflibercept developed vision threatening complications or center-involved diabetic macular edema.

Fixed intravitreal aflibercept injections dosing in patients who adhered to the treatment regimen demonstrated effectiveness in preventing vision threatening complications and CI-DME in eyes with severe NPDR, although discontinuation or reduction may lead to PDR-related complications, the trials concluded.

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