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Post pandemic, VR for advanced surgical training is already proving to be one of the most worthwhile and exciting use cases in the ‘metaverse’(a
  A post hoc analysis of the GATHER1 clinical trial on Zimura (avacincapted pegol), an investigational new therapy for geographic atrophy, showed promising results
  PION is a rare cause of visual loss, patients mostly presenting with sudden onset of blurred vision, dyschromatopsia, pain and positive relative afferent
  COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the office visits and ophthalmic surgical procedures globally, and its impact on ophthalmic education and residency programs is
  There are over 2.1 billion presbyopes worldwide. Looking into the shortcomings, eyecare providers have a unique opportunity and responsibility improving their quality of
      “Liquid Lenses”- made up of liquid glycerine enclosed between two rubber membranes in a frame can adjust focus based on where