A post hoc analysis of the GATHER1 clinical trial on Zimura (avacincapted pegol), an investigational new therapy for geographic atrophy, showed promising results via OCT to measure the effect of the treatment on disease progression.

The OCT measured geographic atrophy (GA) strongly correlated with FAF-measured GA area, with minimal average differences in GA area between modalities. In the post hoc analysis of GATHER1 studies, OCT showed a 30% reduction in GA growth after 1 year and 22% reduction in progressive ellipsoid zone integrity loss at 18 months, consistent with previous findings with FAF.

These findings further support the positive outcomes of GATHER1, proving Zimura might offer an effective therapeutic option for geographic atrophy, a disease that has no treatment so far. Also, it offers OCT as a validated diagnostic tool for retina specialist to accurately diagnose and monitor disease progression and treatment outcomes in patients with GA.


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