The 3-D assisted vitreoretinal surgeries(N Genuity, Alcon)(Artveo 300, Zeiss) are in the news now for quite a while but the 3-D anterior segment procedures, yet, need some more futuristic considerations. There are certainly some obstacles to the use of simple microscope like:

  • Microscope must be moved everytime for better visualisation, which makes it out of focus many a times and thus time consuming.
  • Tough to record good quality video recordings as the structures gets in and out of focus everytime, so not that preferable for training purpose.
  • Ergonomics is the most important of all. The incidence of back and neck pain among the ophthalmic surgeons is significantly high owing to long hours of surgeries.

The unique advantages of 3D technology are “visualisation, ergonomics, and education.” The 3D technology promises to offer high definition resolution in cataract surgeries and  various microinvasive glaucoma, corneal and conjunctival procedures also, adding altogether a different dimension to the education of  NextGen ophthalmologist with better ergonomics and career longevity.



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