B-HEX® Pupil Expander

Pupil Expansion Redefined

The ‘B-HEX Pupil Expander’ is a patented product from Med Invent Devices Pvt. Ltd.  It is a sterile single use flexible 6.5 mm hexagonal plastic device with notches and flanges disposed in a single plane. Alternate flanges are tucked under the iris to engage the notches to the pupil margin and provide a 5.5 mm expanded pupil. It is preloaded in a transparent carrier with an ergonomic handle which delivers the device sterile at the incision. The device is inserted, engaged to the pupil margin, and removed using a
‘B-HEX 23 G forceps’. Each sterile unit is packed individually.


B-HEX® 23 G Forceps

The ‘B-HEX 23 G forceps’ is a non-sterile, reusable, Titanium microsurgical forceps with a short curved stalk and serrated jaws. The jaws open in a plane perpendicular to the squeeze handle. It is a necessary accessory used for grasping and manipulating the ‘B-HEX Pupil Expander’. It is sterilized by Moist heat (Autoclaving).



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