Eye MG Max

In Eye MG Max, 3D eyeball model with TrueColor confocal fundus image, and all structures related to ophthalmology are provided in a user-friendly interface. In this application, multiple views, along with transparency for viewing the structures passing through another model, free camera mode, annotated modes, customised zoomed views and videos related to any ophthalmic pathology […]


Eye MG AR is an Android app developed by the Mahathma Centre of Moving Images for the neophytes (residents/allied ophthalmic personnel) to study/explain the different parts/ocular pathologies of the eye in augmented reality. We have paved the way for augmented reality in the field of ophthalmology for various purposes. This free app can be used […]

Eye MG 3D

Eye MG 3D is an Android app developed by the Mahathma Centre of Moving Images department for the ophthalmic community. The usage of multimodal TrueColor confocal fundus image into 3D models created by us aims to help students/residents understand the anatomy and different pathologies of the eye. This can also be used in hospitals for […]

Vision Care Apps

AAO Ophthalmic Education The AAO Ophthalmic Education App offers free, easy access to clinical content from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), your source for the most trusted and reliable information on eye disorders and eye care. Download Link : https://play.google.com/prod     Axis Toric Calculator Omni Toric calculator is meant to serve as an […]