Injectsense, a company focused on sensor enabled di

gital health, announced it has received a Breakthrough Device Program (BDP) designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its chronic continuous IOP monitoring system for glaucoma patients. The company’s IOP Connect TM system is based on a long term implantable sensor, smaller than a grain of rice, that is delivered to the eye by injection during a five-minute in- office procedure.

IOP-Connect will help chronic continuous IOP monitoring and minimizes patient intervention through its autonomous data collection, day and night, continuously for the lifetime of a patient. Injectsense’s sensor platform relies on advanced integration, to significantly reduce drift and is expected to offer long term pressure accuracy within +/- 1 mmHg or below, at system level.

Not the least, but these Implantable sensors can offer data driven telemedicine for vulnerable populations in an era of COVID- 19.

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