Gore-tex sutures: Rewarding tale of Off-label ophthalmic use.

  Of all sutures used in eye-related surgeries, from a soft tissue approximation in the lids to the anchoring of intraocular lenses, Prolene, and Vicryl remained everyone’s favorite. The absorbable polyglycolic acid-derived monofilaments (Vicryl) holds its tensile strength for at least 2-3 weeks. It runs the show in major oculoplastic, orbital, and ocular surface surgeries. […]

Advances in Presbyopia management

  There are over 2.1 billion presbyopes worldwide. Looking into the shortcomings, eyecare providers have a unique opportunity and responsibility improving their quality of life. Presbyopia along with dysfunctional lens syndrome is treated keeping refractive status of patient in mind. Hyperopic patient treated with an earlier lens based procedure, myopes have a higher threshold for […]

Smart Glasses – Liquid Lens Technology

      “Liquid Lenses”- made up of liquid glycerine enclosed between two rubber membranes in a frame can adjust focus based on where the wearer wants to focus. The glasses (battery powered for 24 hour work time) are connected to a smartphone app wirelessly and can be individually customised according to patients prescriptions, changing […]