Altris AI may be one of the most interesting eyecare startups today as it represents a unique AI-powered platform for OCT scan analysis. Any eye care professional can test it today for free by uploading scans inside the system and seeing the results.

What does the Altris AI platform do? This web platform (which can be opened as a website) detects more than 100+ retina pathologies on OCT scans and differentiates between pathological and non-pathological b-scans within several minutes. Retina layer thickness analysis is another core feature of Altris AI that can be extremely useful in optometric practice.

Here are a couple of photos of 2 main modules of Altris AI: severity detection and segmentation/classification

Altris AI  research project commenced in 2017 in Ukraine as a result of cooperation between Maria, the owner of the ophthalmic clinic, a Ph.D. in Ophthalmology, and Andrey, an MBA, IT consultant. Together they decided to digitalize the world of eye care practice and make one of the most common diagnostic methods, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), more efficient & accurate with the help of AI. The first prototype for the detection of two pathological conditions and a normal retina was developed in November 2017. After almost 5 years of solid research and development, the system is available to any optometrist in the world.

Altris AI partners with all major OCT equipment producers and is vendor-neutral in terms of OCT scans. As for the formats, Altris AI works with all data storage formats ( DICOM of different lengths, png, jpg). The system is fully GDPR compliant, data is encrypted, and can’t be reached by any 3rd party. We have a CE certificate and FDA clearance is in the process.

The system is perfect for individual eye care professionals and it can also work well as a business software for the whole clinic. Though the system was launched only a couple of months ago, it is already installed in 30+ ophthalmic clinics. Eye care specialists started using the platform for OCT scan analysis. The mission of the company is to set higher diagnostic standards in the eye care industry which will result in better patient outcomes.

Maria Znamenska, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology,
Retina Imaging Expert, Medical Retina Specialist,
Chief Medical Officer at Altris, Inc.

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