Altris AI

Altris AI may be one of the most interesting eyecare startups today as it represents a unique AI-powered platform for OCT scan analysis. Any eye care professional can test it today for free by uploading scans inside the system and seeing the results. What does the Altris AI platform do? This web platform (which can […]

Eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know!

It is not often that an eye surgeon is able to awe a room full of medical students and residents in a busy Ophthalmology clinic. So I’ll take this opportunity to write the story about this this extra-ordinary accomplishment.  An 18yr old male patient was referred to me from elsewhere. The patient came with complaints […]

History of Strabismus and Pediatric ophthalmology and its evolution over time

The word ‘Strabismus’ is derived from the verb strebloun meaning “to turn”. It is a confusing and less focussed entity and yet quite interesting. In ancient era, doctors proposed the use of mask to hide the deviated eye and get rid of these unsightly variations. Many surgeons attempted the correction of strabismus over years. A surgeon […]

Re- envisioning Training and Education in Ophthalmology with Haptic XR

Post pandemic, VR for advanced surgical training is already proving to be one of the most worthwhile and exciting use cases in the ‘metaverse’(a virtual reality space in which users can interact with a computer generated environment and other users). By combining VR with cutting –edge haptic technology( process of communicating with users through the […]

Athena Vision Screener

Product Overview:Microclear vision screener is clinically applicable to infants and adults for visual screening and examination. The examination of the diopter including hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, strabismus, amblyopia, and other ocular diseases. Product Characteristics and Advantages: Binocular diopter measurement Pupil diameter measurement Auto operation distance in 1 meter Quick screening within 1 second Portable and light […]

Management of Occlusio Pupillae, Secondary Glaucoma and Complicated Cataract: A Case Report

Dr Swati Singh, Dr Bharat Ratna Thoumungkan, Dr Surbi Taneja, Centre for Sight, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi Introduction Uveitis affects 2 million people worldwide out of which about 10% may suffer from irreversible loss of sight due to associated complications.1,2 Cystoid macular edema, cataract and glaucoma are the three major causes of visual loss in patients […]

OCT based advancement in “Geographic Atrophy” with Zimura

  A post hoc analysis of the GATHER1 clinical trial on Zimura (avacincapted pegol), an investigational new therapy for geographic atrophy, showed promising results via OCT to measure the effect of the treatment on disease progression. The OCT measured geographic atrophy (GA) strongly correlated with FAF-measured GA area, with minimal average differences in GA area […]