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Eye Symptoms In Chinese Children Hospitalized With Covid-19 A new study finds that nearly a quarter of Chinese Children Hospitalized With COVID-19 developed ocular
Eyemate : Study Highlights Importance Of Continual IOP Monitoring For Glaucoma Currently glaucoma patients are getting (2-6) visits per year in a doctor’s office.
Type 2 Dm – Risk of Retinoapthy Increases After Cataract Surgery According a new population-based study by Dr. Ching-Yu Cheng of the Singapore Eye
Fda Approves New Software For Catalys System To Address Astigmatism Management In Cataract Patients FDA has approved CATALYS Precision Laser System by Johnson &
AMD is a common retinal pathology where patients are not aware until vision gets compromised. With less no of retinal specialist, it’s a difficult
Next Generation Omni® Surgical System Launched For Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery Sight Sciences, Inc. has launchedtheir new generation OMNI® Surgical System for microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS)